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03.28.03 - 1:47 a.m.
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this is a follow up story on the hog dog sculpture entry that i was so intrigued by. i have discovered this strange subculture of people who are fascinated by the concept of hog dogs and real dogs. who are these disturbed people? what do they do in their free time (besides amusing themselves with the guilty pleasure of hot dogs)?

1. how would you feel if you were the little guy with the blue harness, running his hardest to just escape from the confining buns strapped to his sides? and what is the synthetic meat on his back all about?

2. Or this brown fella who looks absolutely mortified that his owner has forced him into this Kaiser roll that was placed on a doily. What would his neighborhood friends think if they saw him?

3. This picture is the one who started it all: the old school hotdog suit strapped onto this dog, possibly as a Halloween costume. Eh?

4. the next one incorporates a little ketchup on the bun next to this dog.

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