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10.30.03 - 9:31 pm
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*i am convinced that my teacher is a she-devil. she yelled at tharo today and she was also wearing stupid pantyhose. she told this guy in class that he looked hot because he was wearing a kilt. that wasn't too disturbing, it was just the hand motion she did when she said it. (like her hand was on fire) then she asked the rest of the class if we agreed.

*i calculated that in one month i spend 20 hours traveling.

*i would do anything for hot chocolate right now.

*i dropped my computer disk somewhere downtown today. my work is gone...the funny thing is, it doesn't even bother me that much.

okay, i am going on a hot chocolate mission...i am going to have a cold walk out there. it will be refreshing.

thanks kylan for the bird picture, it looks like they really are enjoying your cinammon roll**

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