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01.11.04 - 8:30 pm
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my mind at the moment...

*i have just worked today and nothing else. the acting group was at the house reciting monologues all afternoon. I am thankful i don't have to memorize lines. i sat in my room and tried to focus with my headphones on.

*We went to Vegas this last week. After discovering I had formed a wee bit of a gambling addiction I decided that I should not return for a while. The hotel we stayed in contained a mini bar. When we checked in they told us not to touch anything because they had sensors on everything and if we even moved something it would charge us for it. I don't remember this conversation. So 3 in the morning rolls around and my mate who had a sore throat calls room service for some juice. He speaks with a woman. 5 minutes pass and he realizes that he could just get some out of the bar and quickly calls her back to cancel the order. At this moment in time I had proceeded to sit in front of the mini bar in aww of it's contents, picking up random items and excitedly checking them out. Rummaging through candy and malt liqueur, I held up some gummy bears and shouted into the next room, "Look!!!!! $11.00 bears!!! Who in the right mind would pay for such a thing??" LOOK!!!! He looks over at me and in a high-pitched voice yells, "NO!!!! What are you doing"? I was surprised and dropped them like a deer in headlights. �Now you have to pay,� he said. I was all, �what do you mean?� and then he told me of the sensors. He freaked out and called the desk at once to tell the not to charge for the touched items. They answer and he says, �My girlfriend is touching everything in the mini bar I tried to stop her in time but it was too late!!!!!!!� (In this crazy voice) The same woman happened to be on the other line from earlier and begins laughing hysterically. I apologized at once. This story has no point but makes me laugh. And it also gives me a new found fear of mini bars.

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