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02.29.04 - 10:53 am
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these patterns are insane right now. i sat back a while ago and realized that they sound like a different language. if someone ever found my notebook, they would think i was crazy. an example.

one page of my notebook:

A=desired amount; B=depth;C=1" out from A.trace C neck intersect, extend line 1 3/4 " becomes E square 2" for F + lapel, connect F to D =beakpoint , fold roll line with wheel and E,F,D intersect. 1/4" from A =G up to touch neck from G +cb measurement =I. 1/2" in from I = K. right angle all. s.a. added @ 1/8"-1/2" notch 2" fr. apex. on p.p. and beakpoint. for grade; x-axis = increments; y= determined by inch. (+) = out (-)= in on y axis.remember street. 4 is full (final) = aim.

yes. that is my day.

someone should save me on this sunday.

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