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03.10.04 - 9:16 pm
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"that dvd nazi has just been demoted to the man with no soul"

so there is this dvd store by my house that has dvd rentals for $1. the guy that works there has severe social issues. we named him the dvd nazi. anyways he is slowly getting worse. he looks like an oversized Mario. he has this constant scowl on his face and put up this new list of "stolen movies" that he has written in black magic marker. we have decided that he will probably hunt down these people with a vengeance and kill their families. He also has a credit warning on the counter that tells people about the credit union that will be contacted if you take the movies. Last, he has another "black list" of people that have had late fees. these people get regulations on the number of movies they can rent. point is....don't mess with this angry italian.

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