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03.13.04 - 11:43 am
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ugh. i do not want to do work today. something inside of me is screaming to go outside. i just want to put on a soft t shirt and go find a big rock/cave at the beach and nap underneath it. soon. my calender looks like something vomited all sorts of final exam work on it and i have also figured out that i am updating way too many things now days. this site, blogpod, my website, my other boring site, my journal exchange project, and my designer's work journal. hehehehhe. i am insane.

ps. i think i might escape to the swap meet to see human life....and good ones at that. i need to find a new instrument because i want to make nicer songs. the autoharp left and i am feeling a bit sad with my choices around here. i hear one of my roommates playing the guitar right now so i guess that is what reminded me of music. but i like more artificial sounds. i don't know how to explain it. anyways. i have to get out.

ok. the pic above is the swap meet. i didn't find any good instruments.

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