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05.05.04 - 12:01 am
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I purchased Japan tickets! I will use these tickets as a motivation tool for graduating. 7 more weeks. yes, 7. after i actually flee this insane school I will have my lovely sweet reward...that is Tokyo. tomorrow we have cap and gown pick up. Girls at this place are so goosey. i cannot even image what horrible crap they will adorn their ceremony get-up with. Now that it is hot i have been noticing how slutty girls have been dressing. first off, this is okay, but it is pretty much an all girls school, with exception of a handful of gay dudes who dress like chicks anyway. I just don�t get it. It is like they are rebelling against their high school days of the 2� above the knee regulation. On another note, this guy today in class was wearing a tuxedo shirt that he had made into a crop top. He also added a tilted cumberbun and tiny necktie. YES! Purely awesome. That is all.


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