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06.28.04 - 11:15 am
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it is getting closer...ummm. (doing the mister burns hand movement with fingertips together) i just don't want to leave the cats. i know it is not for too long but i worry they will forget me. my last trip was when i went to holland and i was only gone a week and 1/2. when i returned the cats were total snobs. They ignored me and meowed at me when i would walk past. oh well. whatever. while on the subject, i really wish i would have trained them to use the toilet when they were little. it would be so much cleaner and interesting for guests to see.

oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so my website is finally underway. i just need to fix the boutique part. but the gallery is up and such. so take a gander if you want. i really want people to join the mailing list so i can email about new creatures. i get totally sad when i check the stats and it is like, 1 host...being me. boo. but i guess i had not put it on here it is

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