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07.24.04 - 4:49 pm
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so a couple of weeks ago molly made me watch rodentz. All i can say is...why? i think the best part of the film is when the rodent gets on top of that van. BRILLIANT!...oh wait, no! my real favorite part is when it eats that sluts face off. ????? Here is more.

"In Rodentz (spelled that way because the letter "S" is, you know, so play'd out, dawg) we've got petshop rats with fishing line yanking them onto two feet and guys standing off camera rattling cages so said beasties appear "angry." What's worse? That's even money between the final reel's guy-in-a-Chuck E. Cheese getup or the 14 looped frames of rodent CGI (including closeups!) that make Asteroids look like Vice City. All that'd be ENDEARING to many creature feature enthusiasts if not for the Yawnsville story about a gaggle of cookie-cutter college kiddos who decide to get their party started at an abandoned building where a disgraced professor is trying to cure cancer by juicing lab rats full of glowing green goo a la Re-Animator. This "Rejenacyn" is a recipe for disaster, especially if one happens to wander down to the basement, make a lot of unnecessary racket and courteously LAY DOWN so infected varmints can do what comes natural."

thanks mister gross for posting that opinion. i agree.

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