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04.02.04 - 4:13 pm
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spring break has been really nice so far. right now i am just mailing off some utility bills. fun stuff. it is a bit cold here. when i got home from vacationing i noticed that the cats had quite a party in my room. they took off all the bedding, messed up the rug, put muddy little paw prints on my sink, ect. the list goes on and on. so today has been spent cleaning up after them. did i mention the vomit on the floor? didn't think so. the rest of the house looks great. the roommates said they were behaving all week (i guess they didn't go into my room) hehe.

i think my eating habits are really taking a nose dive. i ate a corner off a baguette and 3 bags of fruit snacks that are in the shapes of spiders. ..none of this information is relevant.

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