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04.05.04 - 3:38 pm
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So this is serious. Yesterday I traveled to the "pet expo". This place smelled like terribleness and wasn�t too good on the allergies, but overall was pretty awesome. First we hit up the cat warehouse, that�s right, a huge warehouse full of caged show cats. (Kind of sounds like it should be illegal) anyways, we decided that the cats weren't really that was the relationship between the cats and owners that was oh-so-nice. They all look alike. So, I also decided that there is nothing scarier than a huge woman sporting a shirt with a picture of her and her cats on it, while walking the little devils. So not only did you get to see the cats in person, but lucky you, they were also featured on the shirt!

The dog building was not much more exciting. Just more crowed. One really bad thing was that in here (unlike cat town) you were allowed to touch the dogs. OK! Bad idea, people. This was so chaotic because there were all these little kids ripping at the dogs fur, trying to get to them. �Dad I want this $800.00 Terrier!�

By this time we were pretty tired but I had to look at one more set of animals before we left, my whole purpose for going to this expo: the alpacas. I have had this sick obsession with these creatures for quite some time. Their huge eyes, long ratty bangs, long necks, awesome poise the have. I just want one so bad. I could really care less about llamas. "Sorry llamas, but you are just not the same". So here is a photo I took of this guy.

Was this place worth $9.00? Ummmm. Probably more like $4.00. But good time anyway.

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