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05.29.04 - 10:45 am
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not much has really been happening over here. i made timo a stuffed sloth for his birthday. i also made the sloth a special birthday crown and put it inside the card. i made sure to tell timo that the sloth could only wear the crown on special occasions, such as birthdays. the picture below is not the sloth. they are part of the mini series of monsters. btw. i think i might be allergic to that sloth because ever since i made it my eyes have been itchy and my nose runny.

oh yes, molly wanted to watch the adorable movie, "you got served" last night. it was f*cking terrible. such a bad piece of cinematic crap. to top it off she fell asleep about 20 mins into it and for some reason i finished the whole thing, then i felt as if my IQ had gone way down. i also felt taken advantage of...i cannot even believe that we even agreed to rent the thing. it was like a joke gone terribly wrong. i feel dirty. but when she goes to Germany i will miss watching bad movies...then i will watch them alone, which is even worse.

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