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06.20.04 - 9:25 pm
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I graduated college yesterday. Now I have to find a real job, which is a bit stressful. I am leaving for Japan in a little more than a week, so until then I am just going to try to relax.

There is nothing more amusing than participating in a fashion institute graduation in LA. When I was looking around, I decided that we were the strangest mix of people. I never really thought about it. But this could quite possibly have been influenced by my best friend at the school, who, for some reason had super glued a bunch of empty cigarette boxes to her graduation cap. This was also in addition to a measuring cup, a whole foods receipt, and a novelty coffee cup. The girl in front of me had decorated her gown as Cleopatra, and to top it off there was this guy who had covered his entire gown with jewels (like he had stayed up all night with his bedazzler, and a bottle of jack). And here I was�barefoot and tired. I had blisters from walking in heels and ditched my shoes. That is about all. Last night I made a new monster and tonight I am going to work on the website.

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